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Thu, Jul 18, 2013 at 12:20 PM By: hylianux

There is something magical about Korn, and I've never really been able to find a logical reason why. I'm alone in my town in stating Korn as my favorite band of all time, and I think that's because there are so few of us that Korn affects in such a way. Korn either hits you this way, or it doesn't. If it does hit you the same way, then you know what I mean when I say there's some kind of supernatural power these guys emanate.

The first metal band I ever really got into was Disturbed many many years ago. I just liked dark music I guess. I didn't get a strong spiritual bond to music until I'd heard Korn. I used to listen to a lot of bands then... Disturbed, System of a Down, Linkin Park... But the reason why was just because I thought they sounded cool. Korn's music was so much more when I heard it. I began this day to day ritual of listening to them. In high school, I'd have my headphones blaring them every chance I could get away with. I'd press the headphones in deeper into my head so I could push this power even more into my soul.

And as crazy as that sounds, I'm not alone in the world with this. I've read countless other stories from people's experiences with Korn... every story was a retelling of my own experiences.

I've read things on youtube comments and Korn blogs... people who never really listened to metal at all, until they heard this one Korn song, and suddenly their life was changed forever. The song reached them so deeply, giving them what they never even realized they needed all along. I've had this happen to me, hearing songs with lyrics that speak the words I'd always wanted to say, but didn't know how to express.

I read another story recently about the time someone saw them live for the first time. They played Got the Life, and something about that moment, hearing it live like that, hit them so hard they began emotionally breaking down. They couldn't explain why; all they could do was ride the best moment of their life that day. I've never seen Korn live, and I've always wanted to. I want to experience a moment like that of my own.

It's not just the music, and it's not just the lyrics. There is something deeper about the way Head and Munky play their low-tuned 7-string guitars. Something deeper about the way Fieldy plays that 5-string bass... Something more to Jonathan's vocals than simply carrying a tune or screaming because it sounds cool. Jon's vocals especially are significant, because what you're hearing isn't a song. What you're actually hearing is a voice saying these lyrics that have such a strong connection to your life, but it's a voice saying it the way it was meant to be said rather than simply following along a metal backdrop.

And yes, Korn's music can still make me emotional. There's one song in particular that gets me every time, which is why I rarely listen to it (and why Korn never EVER performs it live).

I would consider myself a "true" Korn fan, and I'm not stating that to start a contest. If you can honestly proclaim that Korn is your favorite and their music has a deep spiritual impact on you, that's all the requirement you need. I'm proud to be a member of this community, because there are so many others of you that "get it"... something none of my friends or family ever could do. They hear low-tuned abrasive noise and anger. I hear strength and a place of belonging.

I've held this feeling inside ever since that one day 10 years ago when I first heard them, and I felt the need to let it out. Korn is the reason I get up every day, and they're the outlet I've always turned to in lieu of drugs, murder, suicide, and violence. I don't know what I'd be without them.

  1. KeepHoldingOn... avatar

    On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 10:23 PM, KeepHoldingOn... said:

    That was meaningful, and as sum1 who initially got way n2 KoRn as solely a personal joy of mine way b4 I even found a community to share in that joy with, I know exactly how their music penetrates any superficial fads and how there's a sincerity and realness that is profound and empowering...I've been getting it ;^]

  2. Cyelowyn avatar

    On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 2:24 PM, Cyelowyn said:

    I am pretty jittery unless I'm listening to music most of the time. It really calms me down most times. I had a completely different experience after going to my first KoRn concert. During the concert I was able to jump around and dance and have a good time for hours and then afterwards I was on Cloud Nine. For 2 weeks I was happier than I believe I have been in my entire life. My friends were always trying to calm me down when I was known for being veery quiet. It was AMAZING!

  3. Silent Metal avatar

    On Sat, Jul 20, 2013 at 1:41 AM, Silent Metal said:

    Very well said :)

  4. Nathwatts1 avatar

    On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 7:50 PM, Nathwatts1 said:

    Also seeing them live was the best experience of my life. It felt like I belonged there. When they played here to stay the whole place was singing the song it was magical I had goose bumps most of the concert.

  5. Nathwatts1 avatar

    On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 7:43 PM, Nathwatts1 said:

    They had the Same effect on me. They calmed me down even though they were hardcore. I started listening to them 1 yr and a half ago when my parents got divorced and I had entered middle school where everybody insulted anybody when they got the chance . I didn't get bullied really because everyone seemed to bullie everyone. It just pissed me off alot. This was also a little bit before my parents got divorced and they argued alot. When I turned on korn all of tht shit went away. That feeling of punching a wall went away. Korn has got me through alot all I had to do was turn my iPod on to them and life would go away for one hour while I would listen to them. It was like I was high.

  6. hylianux avatar

    On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 12:45 PM, hylianux said:

    Their earlier stuff actually hit me harder than their later stuff. Jon was more damaged then, and his vocal performances were a lot more insane as a result.

    I was more into the later stuff at first, but the earlier stuff grew on me. The mindset was different then.

  7. jayjay avatar

    On Fri, Jul 19, 2013 at 11:50 AM, jayjay said:

    I watched freak on a leash, back in 2001 & that changed my life, Never thought much of there early stuff, But from then on, I was hooked on them.=)

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