Why we love KoRn

Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 2:44 PM By: Brizzle2291

KoRn has been a very influintial band in not only my life but also the lives of many others.
See you on the other side was the first albumb I bought by KoRn, some of,you may say that that abum sucks, however that was the day my life changed forever. With all the depression I was dealing with from being bullied and tortured in school being laughed at stuffed in lockers and called a faggot, sitting in my room listening to all the dark scarey sounds KoRn had to offer, it was really the first time that I felt I wasnt alone. They really reached out to me helped me to realize I wasnt alone and that someone out there knew what I was going through. They gave me the strength to stand up and say I wasnt happy. I remember lyimg on the floor crying hysterically to my mother as I told her how depressed I was and that I wanted to die. With out KoRn I would have never had the strength to get by. I give KoRn full credit for saving me from that dark hole. That was the first time KoRn saved my life. More to come...

Three years ago my lung collapsed and I was hospitalized for a month. Every day seemed like a battle for my life, actually it was. Constant pain every day being pumped with drugs doctors not knowing why my lung collapsed. Hell. Trapped in a room, in a bed, and in my head. Nearly dying every day...it broke me. Crying in my bed, calling for a nurse to take me to my bathroom not two feet from my bed and thats assuming I could even stand. I remember praying to god, first time in years. Id abondoned my faith years before id becime full atheist fighting that,fucking asshole on every front I could find. Yet there I was, a broken man of just nineteen years fighting just to live. Id prayed for forgiveness, id prayed for help, and prayed for strength..... The next day still haunts my memories. my lung had collapsed again and i couldnt make it to the surgery room so they did it right there in my room, while i was awake. I couldnt even scream.
Finally after i woke up hours later some time in the early a.m after all the drugs wore off i turned to KoRn. The song, Justin. For those who dont know the song is about a little boy named Justin whose dying wish was to meet KoRn. This had extra meaning for me not because i was currently in the hospital but because my first name is Justin. "The kids that die listening to me, .. you are alive." Well i just got goosebumps typing those lyrics. That song gave me strength when nothing else could. Helped me to say " Hey if i die, its ok. Somehow ill live through KoRn. I dont wanna die but if I do, well anyone who knows me cant forget me when they hear KoRn and ill live in there memories.;" ... I Finally made it out of the hospital after a month of being trapped in there. That whole experiance changed my life forever, nothing has ever been the same since. Save one thing, my devotion to the band who saved my life not only once, but twice. These experiances are just two of the mile-stones in my life that KoRn has helped me with. So many hard times theyve helped me through honestly im editing what i want to say to everyone reading this because im just so tired ( i work two jobs i only really get a chance to blog at like 3 in the morning). In future i will attempt to discuss some of these hard times that Korn has helped me through as well as try to write other blogs. I hope that someone finds solace or help by reading these knowing that they are not alone in this fucked up world. Theres plenty of KoRn fans (real KoRn fans) that are willing to help you in your time of need. All you have to do is find them. Just make sure when your better and you feel you have something to offer someone, you find that person who needs you. The person who needs someone to talk to. Someone who needs "Somebody Someone" the person who needs KoRn. People face new battles everyday, and every battle is a chance to turn someone to KoRn. Remember guys Life is Peachy.

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    On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 4:17 AM, jayjay said:

    That was one of there best to me too. was talking to some one else about this album, We have a lot in common us KORN fans, I was having a bad time with the death of my girl friend, & then my dog, Who I adored both, But this album pulled me through some tough times, with suicide running through my head. Was never a lover of there old stuff, It was this and beyond I found another love instead, & it was KoRn.-)

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    On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 9:11 PM, MindFreakOnALeashBlakelyRachelle said:

    Wow, thats extremely similar to what i experienced. See you on the other side was the first album i listened to , too. and it's still my favorite :P i havnt admitted to most people i know about how deppressed and lonely i was, or that i attempted suicide, but KoRn gave me the strength to admit these things to myself..... <3 much love for those guys, JD, especialy

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