My 16th Korn show

Sat, Sep 28, 2013 at 10:18 AM By: KORN365

I had a fantastic time last night. The last time I saw Korn at Roseland was back in 2011 when Path To Totality was about to be released. We walked in during Asking Alexandria's set. For one of my friends it was her second Korn show. She was finally able to see the band with Head back in the mix. I bought her a ticket at the last minute after finding out that her sister is dying. We wanted to cheer her up. I bought one Korn shirt this time but, it was worth it. That and Korn will be back. I liked hearing the new tracks from Paradigm Shift even though some of the people around me grumbled during "Never Never". This was the same reaction that Here to Stay , Twisted Transistor and Evolution got back in the day

So far I have heard Spike In My Veins, What we do, Never never, Love and Meth. This album is going to be fricken awesome.

Any who, the show was amazing. I am so happy that the new album will be released October 8th. That will be one of the best birthday gifts for me. Plus now that David is moving to Massachusetts, I am a happy camper. I will be able to go to shows up there and in NYC. Twelve more days until New York Comic Con. I am so excited.

My only wish is that one day Korn will play the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. I always wanted them to play my hometown at least once. Then I can walk around with a Concert shirt that has a Newark tour date like I did with Lady Gaga.

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