What Is Wrong With ME???

Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 2:17 PM By: KoRnChiK18

Hello other KoRn fans out there. Sorry I haven't updated my blog in a long time. I have't really been on here for the past month. I just started a job at the beginning of February. So I've been extremely busy with that. This blog is going to be a bit longer than my first because Idk when I'll be able to update it again. My boyfriend and I just got into a huge argument about 10 minutes ago and I really need some advice.

Ok Since I started my job my bf has been sick like for the past 3 weeks. He says he's sick but has been to the doctors twice already and the doctor's said there's nothing wrong with him. He's missed 2 days and got sent home early about 6 times since I started my job. So I've been busy taking care of him everyday and working 11 hour shifts.

My aunt and cousin left this morning, they stayed the weekend. So on Thursday and Friday I was cleaning up the whole apartment while Cory sat on his a** and complained about his back. He said we would do the dishes together at least. So I woke up early on Thursday morning and started cleaning. I started the dishes and he stayed in bed until 2. Leaving me to clean up.

So today I woke up at 7am to wake him up for work. He didn't even wake up until 9:15. So in reality I woke up early for nothing. After he got home from work today he asked if I would go to the ER with him. I was like okay... Should I really go with him when he makes me always go by myself when I need to see the doctor? So I said to him why can't you just go? Then he starts calling me lazy and saying I don't even care about his health. Then he kinda pushes me. So I get up and go in the room. I told him to never put his hands on me again then he was like oh you want me to hit you? cause I will.

Idk I've been in the room since then and I really needed to tell someone about it. If I leave him I have to move in with my parents again because my job wouldn't pay the bills & rent. It's like everything I do in life goes wrong and seems like there's something wrong with me... I just don't know anymore. Don't what to do. So lost in life atm. So please if you have read this, I'm asking you for your honest advice. Thanks.

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    On Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 2:28 PM, Sussi said:

    Life can be difficult sometimes. All I can say is that I would never stay with a man that donĀ“t treat me right even if it ment moving in with my parents for a while. With that said, it took me five years to come to the desicion to move away from my x-husband who had a drinking problem and could be really mean even though he never hit me.

    You are the only one who can make that important desicion but I think you deserve to be treated with respect.

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