New Stillwell EP out in Nov. 2011

Thu, Oct 13, 2011 at 2:52 PM By: KrackeR

Flashback: Its 2009 in Memphis TN, it is pouring rain out. Im back stage at the Beale Street Music Festival and Fieldy from Korn invites us into his bus to hear his new band " Stillwell"'s new song. He says we are the first outside of the band and the KoRn crew to hear it. I sit, He turns it up, I am ABSOLUTELY blown away. The song " Trepidation", heavy, jamming, groovin, and I"m in my glory. Fieldy introduces me to Q and Pablo ( Spider, as you know him). We small talk, I leave. The year 2010, I see Anthony Quiles, Q, has a facebook page. I sent him a request for a facebook friend, tried to remind him who I was, he accepts. Friendship started. Q and I have been talking via facebook, email, and phone. He offers to send me the new " Dirtbag" album to check out. Of course I say "hell yeah"!. I receive it, I listen to it, Im a bit taken back. This wasn't what I heard on the bus? wtf? It is good, but what happened to the Heavy, in your face tunes I heard?
Stillwell decided to blues it up and that is fine, but not what I was expecting. Where's the Street Metal they kept promoting?
Now Oct 2011, Q tells me he and band are releasing the original versions of the songs on a new EP " Surrounded by Liars" and asks whether Id like to hear it prior to release......needless to say I was more than happy to.
I absolutely love it!
I feel the heaviness, the anger, the intensity that I heard several years back. This is the album I was expecting.
Q's vocals are within range and sound great! Fieldy's guitar work is awesome, Pablo's bass is thumping like a fun night at the strip club, and Wuv beats his skins like a red headed step child. The street metal is there, the music is good, I am pleased. Would I recommend it? Damn Straight I would!
This is the album fans were expecting. If you decide to buy some new tunes, this EP is it.
I am a hard ass when it comes to new music and new bands, Stillwell is where it is at and where the future will be.

Adam C aka KrackeR
a Stillwell fan

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