Me, well, busted my ass since the day I was born - been learning since day dot. Learn to walk, learn to talk, learn to behave (and how to misbehave), then off to school for twelve years then off to University for seven and half then into work for seven years then stopped and thought, SHIT, I'm fucking 31 Man. In turning 33 on the 24th of July (this month!!) and I have had the last two years away from academia and playing the role of a governed programmed drone, and learnt more about myself in two years than 31 - and it's all fucking good.I have been doing independent study in the field of 'THE FUCKING STATE OF THE EARTH TODAY' and been writing songs, drawing and perusing 'The Arts'. I break to tell,you what I studied - I am a Biomedical Scientist, A Pharmaceutical Scientist and I have a Master in Pharmacy. My Dad said "Son, do what you like" I thought, well fuck I like drugs LOL - no like really, how they do what they do and why and side effects n stuff. But with the Biomedical thing I am in love with biology - how your body works - how your brain can talk to your kidney in times of stress and pumps out adrenalin, how it talks to you subconsciously and reminds you to breathe, and how your heart would beat for a time out side of your chest because it has it owns electrical conduction system - THE HEART IS ALIVE MAN - Think with your brain man, FEEL independent of your brain with you heart man. I Love DNA and it's structure and it's ability to code every living thing on Earth - and I AM the CENTRAL DOGMA OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY: My thesis (I write This in my mind every day and it's the driving force that burns me to glow) - it's entitled - THE INGENIOUS SCIENCE OF THE 'GENIUS' SCIENTIST: INTO LEARNING THE ABILITY OF: DNA CODING; CLONING; SPLICING and GENETIC MODIFICATION and THE TOTAL IN VITRO GENETIC SEQUENCING OF INDIVIDUAL GENES, LARGER GENETIC REGIONS (OPERONS) and ENTIRE CHROMOSOMES: and the APPLICATION OF THE CENTRAL DOGMA OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY ( WATSONnCRICK vs SHAPIRO vs STONE FUCKING NEEDHAM) and ITS APPLICATION AGAINST DIFFERENT FIELDS: RIGHTEOUS, RELIGIOUS, POLITICAL, GOVERNMENTAL, SPIRITUAL and, or are some 'PLAYING' GOD. A SYSTEMIC APPROACH CRITIQUING EACH FIELD AS I SEE FIT - CAUSE IM NOT A CUNT THAT LIVES IN THE TOP 1% OF THE DOOMED THAT HOLD MORE NET WORTH ($) THAN THE BOTTOM 50% OF THE WORLDS POPULATION.
I add to it everyday - and sometimes I feel so bad for humanity I should just Rock back and forward in my room everyday sobbing - BUT I DONT - I VENT - and music like KORN is an outlet. Without music I would explode - and you'd see that mother fucking mushroom cloud with the naked eye from Pluto man.
Oh yeah, I love linguistics - I like to study the Origin of WORD. Fuck man there is some really dire shit going on with words man - that from what I can see is the Governments, or the powers that be, biggest mind control - it's fucking sinister man!! So move forward, listen with your brain but FEEL WITH YOUR HEART. If anyone wants to Jam or Chat some shit out -'I'm on the Gold Coast in Australia - call or text me from inside Australia on 0421831807.

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