Sub Doesn't want me to Blog

Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 8:34 AM By: Mitchie

I'm going to have to ask you to excuse my typos this time. I'm in my Digital Communications class, but we have a sub. I'm suppose to be studying terms I already know for our End Of Course exam in here. I have this window open extremely small on the bottom of my screen. I'm not feeling great today, but man, do I complain a lot to you guys. I still can't believe you all read these! It's an amazing feeling to know that you guys read these every time and actually post comments. Thank you guys so much.

Instead of so much negativity this time, let's get to know each other.You guys know a little about me, but I'll share some of my quirky self with you on this blog. I'm an artist, lover of music, and gamer. I have a collection started of everything post-GameCube. I've started with my Nintendo 64. I have a Pikachu one and I've been buying games for it on occasion. Next year, I'm getting a Nintendo or SNES, and starting the game collection for that one. I know a tremendous amount about video games and video game urban legends.I know tons of history about older companies and consoles and games. I like anime and horror things. I love to draw and paint and sculpt and art is my passion. I usually draw considerably "Creepy" things, but that's just my style.

I plan on becoming an animation cartoonist and voice actress. I hope to own my own animation/art studio in order to do these things. I'm really interested as to learn about all of you, though. What things do you like? hobbies, interests, fears, what makes you happy? I just absolutely adore all of you and I want to get the opportunity to learn about all of you: I want to get to know your special person, what makes you unique. I love you guys so much, and thanks again for reading. I hope to hear from you all!!!


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    On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 12:51 AM, SAFLove said:

    I like n64 and that special chip that went inside theconsole i never bought i planned on getting the upgrade and i like d rainbow six...and. some fightin games.. but all that changed once i nearly died on marijuana (allergic) i started usin it and i foind others are allergic in other ways with it causing anxiety but i passed out out once on it lost all my. Vision previously. Ima major hippy and ii believe in god meditation is my favorite thing in life and being spiritually changed. And being pur e loving caring and there for others.. thats my path a path of growing in spiritual aspects that take part of my being

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    On Sun, Apr 27, 2014 at 3:59 PM, MikeyD said:

    Hi Misty,
    I don't want to sound like a parent, but you shouldn't be blogging in class! When your there, focus your mind, and do the one thing that will make your tommorow's so much easier for you, succeeding with an education!
    All your ambitions and dreams will be accomplished, I know it! Just take care of what is really important right now! This life is a very long journey, don't make the end difficult by sacrificing what needs to be done now!

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    On Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 8:02 PM, Kaji said:

    I loved playing N64 back in the day. Goldeneye and Perfect Dark ruled, especially when it came to multiplayer.

    Though I almost never play games these days, I used to be really into them back in the day. For a while I wrote reviews for a fansite called AnimePlayStation. The site has long since imploded, but it was good fun. I haven't done any kind of online writing since. I haven't even written a blog on this site, but I will eventually.

    It was during my time reviewing games that I realised how much I love writing. Communication with the written and spoken word is a huge part of who I am, and it's the reason why I dropped everything to go back to school, to La Trobe University. I finished my BA (English and Philosophy) last year, and am currently doing Honours in English. My thesis topic is on Donna Haraway and the subject of post-humanism. Although she writes on different topics today, in the 80's and 90's she wrote a lot about feminism and technoscience, and used the 'cyborg' as a metaphor for our increasing interaction with technology (I have no idea if anyone here would be into that, but her writing was a huge influence on Ghost in the Shell, of which I am a diehard fan). My aim is to update one of her older essays in the context of today's social media.

    Aside from that, I read constantly, both for study and in general. I've been writing a few autobiographical pieces, concerning various stages of my life. Drawing is something I do on the rarest of occasions, it's like my 'secret' hobby. I like to play guitar, not in a band or anything, just in the comfort of my room. I see friends whenever I/we have a chance. We're all doing different things, and it's harder to catch up these days than it was back in our teens/early twenties. I'd also like to collect Bondage Barbie dolls and have them in various poses around my room. They were released by Mattel as a limited edition model but were withdrawn soon after. I think they're hilarious, and wonderfully creepy.

    My biggest fear is failure. The possibility that everything I've built myself up to be could end miserably; everything I've based my perception of reality on could be flat-out wrong. In a weird way, that fear helps keep me going.

    What makes me happy? Simple things, really. Being with family and friends, listening to music, writing, listening to music WHILE writing.

    Getting back to the gaming thing: When you say "older companies," are you talking about the OLD old game systems like the Magnavox Odyssey? Are you into the lesser known 32/64-bit systems like the 3DO and Jaguar?

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