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    On Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 9:02 AM, NuNo Brazil said:

    Kfan78: Thank you for expressing your opinion but I think you did not understand some things: I'm not trying to be JD or something like that 4real, I know how to separating who I am and who he is, I just do covers cause I'm in a cover band (well, not anymore, but I'm searching for other), You know what the word means COVER? Come on, the word 'cover' brings sense of what is equal or similar. Example: I like the Beatles, I along with some friends and I dress like the members, I play the same songs just like them, with the same moves and speaks, in other words 'imitating' The Beatles, presto! You now have a 'the Beatles cover band .. And thank you also for the compliments. When it is intended to be a Cover 'copy' is exactly the word but not in intonation that you applied, I have my own projects aside, bands and everything else (check out my other channel with alternative material on youtube searching for "Nuno Granada" , "Banda Sâmia" or "Blugbazoo"), but the focus in this channel is to be faithful to what Korn is. Do not think that I don't have a real life with other paths just becaus of that channel, I have but I do it to represent Brazil at Korn and I'm just do this cause makes me happy! Whether they like it or not, grateful for your comment my dear , kisses. =)

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    On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 10:35 AM, kfan78 said:

    Vocal* Creativity* I apologize for the errors and I truly mean this in the most respectful way. By all means it's your right to do whatever you want.

    Keep Bangin\m/

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    On Sat, Feb 9, 2013 at 8:05 AM, kfan78 said:

    Good Job. Although I must say that you have good val ability but maybe you should find out who YOU are as a singer and display your own creative. I'm no expert or HATER but I just think that some fans put so much effort and time into sounding, looking and acting like their favorite singer and they lose sight of who they are inside. If you put some of your own material out there you may attract more fans instead of people commenting on whether you sound like someone else.

    Keep Bangin\m/