VIP experience part 2

Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 7:36 PM By: eorbearfish

hello readers, sorry that i didnt write un a few days it was my birthday and i learned that tequila and red lobster are a disasterous duo when mixed.

let's continue with the vip experience

Ok so Ray is the first member of the band to come out. i lost it. he came up to me and said hi my name is Ray what's yours? I said with this goofy grin on my face i said.. Nolen... this is my first korn show.... i'm so exited. ray then asked if he could sign the poster and setlist. I was like hell yes you could.

he started to sign the posters and then i unrolled my drawing and showed it to him. he looked at it and i'm pretty sure the first thing he looked at was his face.

i will be honest with you i tried really really hard with this poster and i think i did a pretty good job. it's just that the faces are white.

he asked me how long did it take me to draw, i took me 3 listenings of Follow the Leader, 1 Life is Peachy and about 12 episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist.

he asked me if he wanted me to sign it and i said yes. i leaned over and took a picture with him and shook his hand again. and said thank you.the next head i saw coming to the railing was HEAD.

to me Head is the man. i think when he left the band to find religion was awesome. I think it made korn stronger.

i got super nervous. i could hardly say anything. i did not know whether to call him Head or Brian. i ended up calling him Mr. Head. i told him that i just got back from living in Peru and he looked at me and said Peru? what were you doing there? i said spreading the love of metal and Korn. he chuckled and started signing my stuff.

while he was signing i got this idea because i read his second book and i asked him can he bless me. he lifts his head up and grabs the top of my head and the head of a girl next to me and said in a "ministery voice" IN DA NAME OF JESUS I BLESS THEE. of course that's why in my pic i look super happy because i was blessed by a god of metal.

Part 3 will be coming soon please comment and i will be back soon.

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    On Fri, Jul 12, 2013 at 8:24 PM, Silent Metal said:

    Sounds like an amazing experience

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