so close that is far

Tue, Nov 15, 2011 at 6:23 PM By: migrania

This is the last week of school, all the hard work of a whole year is to be determined on thursday. If I fail all the work will be in vain, all the hours I spent in front of the computer, all the drawing, painting, cutting paper, cardboard, all the time I spent alone, not seeing friends, I didn't even got time for myself, sleeping 4-5 hours, not sleeping for days, falling asleep on the bus, not eating for days, all the cuts on my hands, all the money I spent, all the expenses that I can't afford that I made, all the frustation, feeling so powerless, so defeated. This thursday I will know if any of this was worth the effort. I feel so defeated, I want this week to finish. If I don't fail I'm getting the tattoo I wanted for so long, something simple, something I try to keep in mind everyday to make life bearable, a few words that I need to believe that someday everything will be ok, words that I say whenever I'm feeling sad. I'm getting "all I want in life is to be happy" tattooed

Whish me luck people


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