Wed, Nov 23, 2011 at 5:26 PM By: migrania

Why does everything gets so difficult to me? I try to stay possitive, to do my best, but is never enough. I envy so much all the shallow girls at college whose biggest problem is what are they going to wear tonight, the other bitch is wearing the dress i wore last week, fuck off! Can't the problems be redistributed equitatively? A few days ago I was struggling to pass the year untill the very last day of classes, I passed ok. The past two years another struggle trying to find my biological mother so I could ask her why did she sell me, did she know she was doing that, soes she regrets it to finally give up because it is impossible. Today my dad was diagnosed with cancer. Another struggle has just begun and I'm so fucking sick and tired of everything. I just want to be happy, it is all I want, and I try my best to do it, but the circumstances that surrounds my existence makes it so hard. I'm just angry, and tired, I'm so tired. I just wanted to be happy for a change.

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