I have never ever blogged but....

Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 7:31 PM By: sean106ESP

I think I see why. To sometimes vent when your fucking pissed off as I am now!!!!

I thought blogging was for hipsters sipping their Enema Latte's at Starbucks blogging away about how the world sucks and "gotta fight the maaaaannnnnnnnnn.....maaaaaaannnnn!!" LMFAO.

Blogging because:
1 Go to Gym for some lovely cardio
2 iPod shits the bed. Not sound in one ear. Fuuuuuuuuuuu
3 Switch to iPhone and watch Netflix.....ok problem fixed but now I need a new iPod and have like 1000's of songs I manually added and have to get a new one and take for ever to manually add them all over again.
4 The icing on the cake.............come out feeling healthy and sweaty.....some fucker keyed a nice line in my door on the drivers side of my Denali. I swear as Travolta said in Pulp Fiction..."I wish I would have caught that mother fucker.....in fact...it would have been worth it getting keyed if could have caught that fucker."


KoRn...POT.....carry on......peoples nothing to see here :-)


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