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Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 10:05 AM By: Shawshank

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I do a lot of silly blogs. I think most of us want to look at something interesting that helps us forget our problems and entertains us for a moment or two. But something has happened in the last week that is extremely scary to me, and many other American citizens.

In the last 10 years, the government has quickly worked on abusing, or terminating, our civil liberties. Here is a short list of what those include.

Spying on, searching, and detaining people without a warrant

The president going to war without congressional approval

Imprisoning people without trail, lawyer, or any kind of due process

Invading countries that have not attacked or invaded us

And finally, The President of The United States can now execute an American citizen, WITHOUT ANY TRAIL OR PROOF OF GUILT.

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If the President can kill one US citizen without trail, without providing any proof, and answering to no one - he (or she) can kill anyone they want, for any reason.

As many of you know, president Obama ordered the excecution of a United States citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki, who according the president had ties to al-Queda. I'm willing to take the presidents word on this (not that politicians are known to lie for any reason) and say that sure, maybe Anwar al-Awlaki was guilty. He was killed last week in a drone attack.

On the outset, this seems like a good thing. Bad guy is dead right?

But it's not. What if Anwar al-Awlaki wasn't guilty? The fact is that HE DID NOT RECEIVE A TRAIL. They actually have had him in court before and released him due to LACK OF EVIDENCE.

"“Nobody — or at least not me — disputes the right of the U.S. or any other country to kill someone on an actual battlefield during war without due process. That's just obvious, but that's not remotely what Brennan is talking about, and it's not remotely what this assassination program is about. Indeed, Brennan explicitly identified two indistinguishable groups of American citizens who "will face the full brunt of a U.S. response": (1) those "on the battlefield in Afghanistan or Iraq"; and (2) those "in a Yemen or in a Pakistan or in Somalia or another place." In other words, the entire world is a "battlefield" — countries where there is a war and countries where there isn't — and the President's "battlefield" powers, which are unlimited, extend everywhere. That theory — the whole world is a battlefield, even the U.S. — was the core premise that spawned 8 years of Bush/Cheney radicalism, and it has been adopted in full by the Obama administration (indeed, it was that "whole-world-is-a-battlefield" theory which Elena Kagan explicitly endorsed during her confirmation hearing for Solicitor General).”

I don't care too much about this man, maybe I should but I don't. I don't know him and he might have been responsible for some horrible things. But what I do care about is our rights. It was bad enough when Bush put people in prison without due process or trail (people Obama later let go) , but now THE PRESIDENT CAN KILL ANYONE HE WANTS TO, WITHOUT GIVING EVIDENCE TO ANYONE ABOUT WHY HE DID IT.

The Obama administration refuses to provide the media with any solid evidence that Anwar al-Awlaki committed any of the crimes they claim. The President now answers to no one. He declares war by himself, even against American citizens, with or without congressional approval. THIS IS NOT DEMOCRACY. It is a regime, pure and simple. If the president has the ability to declare war, KILL US CITIZENS WITHOUT TRIAL, and NOT PROVIDE ANY JUSTIFICATION IN DOING SO, what makes us free? One man with so much power is dangerous. Yesterday it was Bush, today it is Obama, who tomorrow? How much more of our freedom can we give up?

On a side note, let's not forget the "WAR" on drugs. What is to prevent the federal government under the presidents orders from killing US citizens for supposed involvement in drug dealing?

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    On Wed, Oct 5, 2011 at 6:01 PM, Mr ED said:

    WOW!!!, that gives each and every citizen alot to think about. thanks

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