Korn in Adelaide 2010

Wed, May 28, 2014 at 4:16 AM By: Alex ImI

Korn is undoubtedly one of the best bands of all time. From the very first time I heard them I was hooked on their music, and really appreciate the creativity that they put into their lyrics. I still remember their 2010 concert in Adelaide. This is easily one of the best concerts I have ever been to, and it brought in a huge crowd of Korn fans who just wanted to have a really great time! Korn live + enthusiastic Korn fans + a great venue = a GREAT time that nobody who was there is likely to forget.

I knew that Korn played a concert at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre in 2008, but unfortunately I just couldn't make it (nor in March this year ). Friends of mine that went said it was absolutely amazing, and that's when I vowed to absolutely never miss the next one, no matter what. So, when 2010 came along and Korn announced that they were playing at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre again, I literally bought my tickets the second they went on sale. Did this mean that I was slacking off at work for about an hour while I refreshed the website? Yes, but it was worth staying late to get my work done. After I had my tickets ready to go, I anticipated the actual concert and chose a (lucky) friend to come with me.

Doors opened about an hour and a half before things got going, but I wanted to be early and give myself time to go through security and fork over my ticket for verification. We decided to take public transportation, which was actually pretty easy to and from the Centre. I saw a HUGE parking area outside, and made a mental note that I'd definitely drive if I attend a concert here again in the future. The Centre was seriously packed full of people by the time we got there, even though we were early. What I was really shocked about was the fact that the line actually moved pretty quickly, and that everyone who worked there was nice (despite being extremely busy).

The venue was a lot of things, but the only word that can describe it is "outstanding". I was extremely excited to see Korn as soon as I saw all the enthusiastic fans and the huge stage where they would soon be playing. Since we were still early, we decided to go and grab something to drink. We made fast friends with some other fans, and before we knew it the music started to play. There was an opening band (Shihad), but Korn were the main attraction that everyone was looking forward to. (Okay, I admit it, there were some people because of Guns N' Roses, too, since Korn were actually their guests, but for me, Korn were the most important ).

Soon enough, the music I had been waiting to hear was playing to my liking! "Right Now" was one of the first songs, and then "Coming Undone / We Will Rock You" played to EVERYONE'S liking (seriously the crowd went crazy). After that, we enjoyed "Pop a Pill", "Here to Stay", "Oildale" and my personal favourite, "Freak on a Leash". The acoustics in the Centre were really some of the BEST I have ever heard, because not once did the music become overwhelmed by all the screaming and cheering of the fans. Everything was crystal clear from start to finish, and the guitar was easily heard with every chord that was played.

I loved how large the stage was, because it gave the band place to move around. This meant that everyone who was in the front got an up-close view that they would never forget. After they played "Blind", they were, (of course), beckoned on for an encore. All of us wanted more. They came back and played "Shoots and Ladders", "Clown" and then to finish off the night, "Got the Life". Everyone cheered and screamed when they finished, it was amazing! Guns N' Roses were the next to play.

We made our way out of the Centre much more easily than I thought we would. After a short wait we got on the bus, and spoke with other fans about the amazing and "we'll never forget this" experience that each of us had. I regret missing their last gig in Adelaide, but hopefully, I'll see them again in the near future.

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    On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 2:07 AM, Alex ImI said:

    Yup :)

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    On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 6:41 PM, msid9999 said:

    Korn is an amazing band :)

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