Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 1:33 PM By: Bene Gesserit

My day started off with a real bang today! (lol) So I woke up with a bit of a hang over and was feeling hungry but really didnt' feel like eating anything (weird I know) So I decided just protein would be good enough. I put some water in a pan and two eggs. I turned one of the stove tops on high and placed the pan on it. K. I brought my jug of water to the living room and turned on the tv. The Kardashians were on- FUCK. Changed the channel..AFter about 10 minutes I heard the loudest crashing sound ever coming from my kitchen area. At first I thought a huge glass vass fell and broke and then I thought NOO I dont have a glass vass! My next though was someone broke my kitchen window and broke in and then I thought NOO it would't have made that huge of a crashing sound! My heart was racing. I walked cautiously to my kitchen and found shards of blue glass covering my kitchen floor and counters..a hint of burning red caught my attention from the corner of my eye as I saw the stove top on with blue glass on it. I TURNED ON THE WRONG STOVE TOP!!! The one I turned on had a small glass pan on top of it I had used the night before to make jalapeno poppers. THE GLASS PAN HAD EXPLODED FROM THE HIGH HEAT!! MUTHERFOCKKERR!! I couldnt beleive it. It took me forever to get it all cleaned up. And now I have black spots all over my tile from the melted glass (Aww shitt!)......:(( Kids, there was a lesson to be learned here. Be extra cautious when your hung over and turning on your stove! lol

Oh well, at least I have a Korn show to go to tonight!!! WOOOAAWWW!!

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    On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 2:15 PM, Bene Gesserit said:

    OMG lol! Sounds like we've had good times with cooking!

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    On Sat, Apr 21, 2012 at 1:54 PM, Big Shark said:

    That actually sounds like a really bad ass story! Wait, wait, wait, I've got one too!

    Decided to make some pasta, so I got a pot, filled with water, popped on the top to quicken the process of getting it to boiling, etc and etc. Anyways, it starts boiling and I pour in the pasta. Now, I was really tired and didn't want to stir it every once in awhile to keep the pasta from sticking to each other, so instead I poured in some vegetable oil. Not thinking, I put the top back on and went into the living room. A little while after there's a light coming from the kitchen, curious I go to investigate to find the entire pot on fire! Like a god damn fire ball laying on the stove! I'm freaking out, since I didn't have a fire extinguisher at said time. Then I realized it was a gas stove and just turned the gas off and the fire went out. It had completely evaporated the water in the pot though (speed cooking!). And I had a new food that night, burnt pasta! It was really gross :D!

    Cooking is fun!

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