Jonathan Davis: JOB (2004)

Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 9:41 PM By: VIRUS

Making his movie debut in 2002 with a short cameo role in Queen of the Damned, KoRn frontman Jonathan Davis has moved up the ranks, playing title rolls as the Devil and a religious serial killer.


JOB, a religious new horror flick, is Jonathan Davis' second biggest ever acting role, besides Sin-Jin Smyth.

John Gray, director/co-writer of the religious slasher flick, said: "Casting Jonathan might not appear to be the obvious choice but when you see him in action, you'll completely understand why.

"He is going to bring such a level of talent to it that might just surprise everyone. I hope it makes the film a bit more durable to stand the test of time, and bring a whole new fan base."

Davis, who also has a role in Sin-Jin Smyth, joins a cast comprised of Bill Moseley (The Devil's Recjects), Michael Paré (Bloodrayne), Lee Perkins and Joe Knetter.

"The story centers around the disappearances of several Catholic priests involved with the church's summer camp for young boys," John Gray, the director of upcoming horror flick said. "JOB is a direct killer. An avenging angel... he only kills those who have wronged him.

"No innocent blood will be shed... by the time the end rolls around, you will be rooting for his cause."


Title: JOB
Writers: John Gray/Spencer Gray
Director: John Gray
Produced By: Snapkick Productions
Davis' Role: JOB (Serial Killer)

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