Mon, Jan 2, 2012 at 10:03 AM By: kornfaerie

Ok i feel real bad over this one............ Not only did i have to wait till xmas day to get my copy of PoT My son wanted to buy it for me as he know that was really the only thing i wanted, he didn't know there was a deluxe cd so feel crap i don't have that.

Since I've heard that korn we'r gonna mix a dubstep with their own sound i've had my doubts, im real old school korn so you can see my concern. I turned on the cd and honestly when i heard the first few rifts of chaos lives in everything i had tears well up in my eyes honest real ones coz the stuff just sounded wrong. So my family had to listen to it all xmas day, did manage to turn it off during xmas dinner. Well now im converted and feel real shit for doubting my heros.

Not sure i'd like all their new stuff to sound like this but shouldn't really have been surprised as untitled and syotos has hints of this all over them. it shows real genius in korn to reach out to new grounds in fact create a new genre (Dubmetal) not many bands would have to balls to take the risk. Korn forgive me for i have sinned!

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