"The Paradigm Shift" is addictive!

Sat, Oct 12, 2013 at 2:38 PM By: xpandora88x

I can't stop listening to KoRn's new album, "The Paradigm Shift"! This album is frigging awesome! Anyone that says KoRn is dead can choke on their dumbass opinions. Love my favorite band of all time!!! They're still the fucking best, even to this day! Long time fan for 18 years, and counting. Keep up the incredible job, guys! True fans still love you no matter what. =]

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    On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 6:35 PM, xpandora88x said:

    Thanks, glad you like my tattoo idea! I'll show it to you and you decide if it looks hot lol! =] I'm not good at musical note terms, but I looked it up, that's how I knew the name "Beamed Notes". See?! That's how I was trying to pick ONE damn songs, it's TOO hard lol. Yeah, all those song would be a great pick too. But yeah, either "Blind" or "Freak on a Leash" would be best. I still want "Blind", but I have a better chance using whatever I can see on a "Freak on a Leash" sheet music, even though it doesn't show much, but shows less on a "Blind" sheet music. Haha, thanks! I know it'll look awesome in the end. I was surprise too when I found out KoRn was doing an Unplugged show and all acoustic, but I actually loved it. But I agree, I need metal with my KoRn (that sounds funny) lol! I was called a freak because I was different, simple as that. I would always wear black all the time and wear my band shirts or something scary on them (I still wear those shirts, by the way) with those pants with chains and zippers (the ones from Hottopic, but I wear regular pants now) with crazy makeup, I would always be quiet and to myself and had a few [good] friends. On top of that, I'm a plus size girl, so I would always get made fun of my weight since I was a little kid. None of that ever bothered me though. The way I always saw it was, "You don't like how I look or who I am, then fuck off and go choke on your ego because I don't need you or your approval". I would get stared at in school or in the streets or anywhere I went because I was dressed differently. Hell, I EVEN got preached to in the middle of the street lol! Can't you believe that shit?? The first time it happened was when I was waiting for the bus to arrive because I had to go to school (this was during my college years) and while waiting, someone dude or lady gave me a little pamphlet (in SPANISH, mind you) about Jesus and accepting him into my life. When I saw it, I wanted to laugh, but held my tongue, because I already believe in God and all (though, I'm not religious). But I obviously knew that person specifically gave it to me because of what I was wearing and because they didn't hand it to everyone lol. Another time, I remember I just had gotten off the bus to go home and as soon as I got off, some dude called out to me. He was standing in the doorway of one of those little buses, grabbed my hand and basically told me that God loves me lol! I was like, "Is this dude for real?" All I replied back was, "Okay?" and then left lol. I should of told him that I already believe in God and that he shouldn't judge a book by its cover just because someone's different. God DOES say not to judge, but what do people like that do? ...Fucking judge! Pisses me off, but I still had a good laugh about it lol. Oh, really? I'm the baby of the family too lol! I have 1 brother and 2 sisters. My brother is the oldest out of all of us, then it's my oldest sister (the one who was going to take me to get my tattoo), my 2nd other older sister, and then me. Both my sisters and I listen to KoRn, and other bands too (which is good or then I wouldn't be able to go to any concerts), but my oldest sister has her limits of rock and metal bands she listens to. She listens to music that me and my other sister don't listen to, like pop, r&b, some hip-hop and rap, dance music, that kind of shit. That's what my brother listens to, he's not much of a rock or metal fan, but he does like some bands. He loves Disturbed (he came to 1 or 2 shows), he even likes some KoRn songs. He came with me to see them, for the first time, with Device and Love and Death a few months back, and he enjoyed himself, a lot! I'm surprised he knows some KoRn songs, seriously lol. Like the other day I was watching the music video to "Coming Undone" on TV on Demand and he was humming some parts the song. In my head I was like, "Give me a heart attack, bro! You know this song?" lol. Oh, I hate crap... I mean rap lol! All I listen to is metal, rock, classic rock, and some alternative bands. Yeah, if you can't get the links from tinypic.com in the comments, if it works best for you then definitely change your profile picture so I could see the tattoo pictures. I'm cool with that. =] By the way, for some reason I accidentally copied and pasted your user name on Google (thinking I copied something else) and saw that you have a Twitter page lol. I hope you don't mind that I follow you. =]
    Oh, I left you a private message on here when you get the chance, in case you haven't read it yet.

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    On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 11:41 AM, JPrice191 said:

    that sounds like a Cool idea.. i think "Music Notes" on you're wrist would be Pretty Hot, lol!.. but i don't really know how to Read Music Notes, i've Never Played the Guitar, although i've Always wanted to Learn.. i Never heard of these "Beamed Notes" so not sure what they are?.. and i have No idea what Song i would Pick!! the First Korn Song i ever heard was "No Place to Hide, Twist, and Good God".. but i think "Blind" would be a Great Choice.. but what are some Other good ones.. i like Clown, Need to, It's on, My Gift to you, Falling Away from Me, Beg for me, Thoughtless, etc.. but man you're right, their are soo many Great Songs, it will be hard to Pick just one, but if i had too, i'd probably go with Blind myself!! but i Definitely like the Music Notes, it's gonna look Pretty cute when its done ;)!! and i can't Believe KORN did an Unplugged Concert with Amy Lee, i just Cannot Picture KORN Playing Acoustic with any of their Songs.. i NEED to have METAL with my KORN Songs, lol!.. anyway, Why the hell would someone Call you Freak, that is soo Stupid!! i should come over there and Beat them up for you, haha.. but guess what, i have 3 sisters too.. i grew up with 3 sisters, but they were All Older than me, i was the Baby of the Family lol.. but None of them Listen to KORN! they All have Families now and iam an Uncle, i have 3 nephews and 3 nieces!! my one Nephew listens to RAP Songs and i Hate it, lol!.. and i will try to Figure out how to Show you my Pics.. i think i can just Change my Profile Picture everytime i Send you a Comment, that way you can see my Pictures.. but i will try and go on Tinypic.com and see what its like on there ;) !!

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    On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 6:44 PM, xpandora88x said:

    Haha, nope, no lip piercing. I never realized that until you pointed it out, but as of now, my face is metal free lol. Thanks! At least I know now that I might actually look good with my lip pierced!! If I'm able to get something pierced, I would start off slow/small, like a nose piercing. Then either my eyebrow or lip. If I ever came home with something on my face pierced when I was a teenager, my dad would probably yank the damn thing off lol! My mom is less stern when it comes to piercings and tattoos, but she still doesn't like them. It's easy sending pictures. Go to tinypic.com, click on "browse" and upload the picture you want and then click on "upload now". It'll ask you to enter a code so the site knows you're not a robot... yeah lol. From there, click "upload now" again and your picture will show up. Where it says "Share This Image" find "URL for E-Mail & IM" and copy the link that its given, then paste it the next time you answer me back. Hope that helps! =] Yup, since my birthday is between the 23th of October to November 22th, that means I'm a Scorpio since my birthday lands on the 26th. If I was born before October 23th, like my oldest sister (she's October 10th) that would have made me a Libra, like my sister. I had to look the shit up because I don't remember the exact days that transitions from Libra to Scorpio lol. I've always wanted music notes on my right wrist since I was 13, that's what I'm getting. Over the years the idea expanded, so now it's with more details instead of just random music notes. Obviously it's my dedication for my love for music, but now I don't want just random music notes, I want the music notes to represent a KoRn song and to show my love for KoRn as well. It's HARD to pick just one song, but I had to narrow it down to their first 4 albums (which are from the '90), nothing after that just to make it a little easier on myself. They have WAY too many songs that I'd love to use that represents even more of me, but I think this way is best. My first pick is using "Blind" because it was the first song they've ever put out there, it's from their first album, and it was the first song I've ever heard from them. My second choice is "Freak on a Leash" because, well, I've always felt like and been called a freak growing up, so I thought that would be perfect too. Problem is, I can't find a good site where I could use their sheet music. For one, I don't know how to read them and two, none of them are free! All I could get are samples, and that's not good enough. I did find one for "Freak on a Leash", but its the Unplugged version with Amy Lee from Evanescence and I don't know if anything's change because the song is more mellow than the original. And it doesn't help when you really don't know how to read sheet music lol. This is the Unplugged one: http://www.slideshare.net/JacksonLyra/korn-ft-amy-lee-freak-on-a-leash-unplugged
    I was thinking of using the music notes called 'Beamed notes' when Jonathan sings "Feeling like a freak on a leash", but that's all it is, no other notes - it's not easy and I've been having such a tough time picking, reading, and making up my damn mind with what part of either song I want! Oh no, my parents know I want a tattoo lol. They've always known for a long time. I told them a couple months back that I wanted one. The only reason I told them is so they know I'll be getting one sooner or later and that they know that I respect them enough to tell them about it and not hide it. They don't like the idea, but they can't say no because I'm an adult with income. They'll have to live with it lol. But I think they appreciate that I went to them first before ever getting something. When I told them, my dad told me that I'm crazy lol. But, you know what? My oldest sister was 24 when she got her first tattoo (I was 13 at the time), so it makes sense that I should be able to get one too. My other older sister got her first a few months back, but she didn't tell my parents. She lives upstairs above us with her boyfriend so she doesn't need permission from them anyways. And they weren't mad or anything when they found out, but they didn't like it either lol. It was funny when my mom saw it, at first she loved it, but when my sister told her it's real, my mom goes "I don't like it anymore" LOL! Funniest shit ever! So basically all 3 of us girls will have tattoos, while my brother (who's the oldest out of us) could care less about them nor does he want one lol. By the way, I found out that Love and Death are going to be with KoRn, along with 2 other bands I've never heard of called Devour The Day and New Theory. I checked out Devour The Day on Youtube and they seem pretty good. The other band are okay. They're from NJ and unsigned, that's mostly why I never heard of them. I told both my sisters about it, so I hope we get to go!

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    On Sun, Oct 27, 2013 at 12:04 PM, JPrice191 said:

    i could have swore you had you're Lip Pierced!.. it just looks like there is a little metal thing by you're Lip and i always thought it was Pierced!! it Looked good, i Liked it, i wish it was, lol!.. yeah, an Eyebrow ring is really cool, so you can either get you're Eyebrow or you're Lip.. Omg, my dad was soo Mad when i got my Eyebrow Pierced, all i remember, is he Banging on my Bedroom Door and me Sneaking out my Window, haha, he Hated it!! but my mom didn't really care, shes the one who took me to Get it because i was under 18!! soo, how do you send Pictures on here again?.. i just don't know how to do it.. so it is you're bday, my bday is Feb 8th, im an Aquarius, and is October a Scorpio?? cause i can't remember what October is?!! and why do you want to get a tattoo and where are you getting it, what part of you're body that is?.. you will probably have to hide it so your mom and dad don't get mad lol..

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    On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 9:51 PM, xpandora88x said:

    No matter the pain, the tattoo will be worth it. =] I know once I get one, I would want more lol. Tattoos are like concerts, you go to one and then you want to go to more! I was going to go today to get it done since it's my birthday, but I didn't have enough time. Plus, my oldest sister (who will be taking me) looked tired from work, so I let her rest. She's going to take me Sunday instead. Doesn't matter if it's after my birthday, as long as I get my tattoo! No, I don't have a lip piercing, but I want one lol. I just checked out my profile picture and it does look like I have my lip pierced lol! I can't tell in your picture that you have your eyebrow pierced. Haha, that's cool you got it done before of the guy from Silverchair (I remember that band). I used to love one of their songs, can't remember it though. My parents don't like tattoos or piercings so growing up was hard to get one. The only thing I was ever able to get were my ears pierced, so I have 3 on one ear and 2 on the other. I had a 3rd, but it closed up. I've always wanted my eyebrow pierced (because of Jonathan I wanted it, and it had to be 3 just like him lol), my nose (2 on one side), and my lip pierced (I forgot the term, but I always liked 2 on my lip, but only on one side). If you can't get any pictures of your tattoos, it's totally cool. No worries! Well, you could always go to a tattoo shop and they'll make it better for you just the way you want it. I think I went to that tour, but near me, because I remember seeing KoRn with Disturbed, Puddle of Mudd, and Trust Company. Yeah, it was around 2002-2003, but I can't remember the name of the tour either. I think it was one of the Untouchables Tour. I haven't bought a Godsmack CD since their 2006 album "IV" came out. I mostly like old school Godsmack the best, but I'll listen to their newer stuff too. Aww, that sucks. =/ I hope you get to make it to one of the shows, at least. Yeah, if you go, definitely go to the one I'm going to lol! Omg, yes! I remember seeing the Kages back in the day, and I always thought they were awesome and I wanted to be in it! Then I saw they brought them back, and I was excited lol. I noticed they had the Kage for only 3 shows last month, and one of them was the one in NY at the Roseland Ballroom that I wanted to go to. Tickets for the Kage were $100, so I'm a little iffy with that price. But they could have been more expensive though. But I would LOVE to get Kage tickets, at least once!! I don't think my sisters would though, so I wouldn't want to be there by myself lol. Oh hell yeah it would be loud as hell being in the Kage! You know, I've never used those ear plugs, but they're always good to have. Especially if you're really close to the speakers, but I wouldn't want to hear the show all muffled. I think the ringing in the ears would be worth it in the end if I get to hear KoRn clearly, without the plugs lol.

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    On Sat, Oct 26, 2013 at 12:38 PM, JPrice191 said:

    are you seriously getting a tattoo today?.. it is going to hurt like hell lol.. nah im kiddin, it hurts a little bit but its worth it.. i've been wanting to ask you, do you have you're Lip pierced?.. because it kinda looks like your Lip is pierced but im not sure.. but you know what, i don't think you can see in my Picture but i have my Eyebrow pierced!! when i was 17, the band "Silverchair" had a New Cd called "the Freak Show" i think, and the Lead Singer had his Eyebrow pierced and i thought that was so cool, so i just had to get mine done too.. so i have 3 tattoos (want to get ALOT MORE) and i have my Eyebrow pierced!.. i don't know how i can take a picture because i got rid of my old Cellphone and i don't have anything to take a Picture with.. but i will check, i have Pictures of my 2 other tattoos, i have alot of Pictures, i just don't think i have a Picture of my Smiley Face tattoo.. to be honest, i don't like it all that much, its pretty plain, and i should have made it look better somehow.. maybe in the future i should put some other things around it and make it look better!.. ok now the Furthest Concert i been too was 4 hours away when KORN played at Penn St. University.. the Lineup was: KORN, Disturbed, Puddle of Mudd, and a band called Trust Company!! i think it was sometime in 2003 and i can't remember what the Tour was called.. i've seen Slipknot too, but only One time.. it was still when they Only had their First Cd out, so that was awhile ago, they played with a band called "DOPE"... and i also Love Godsmack, they are really good Live, and i actually have 3 of their Cds!.. to be honest, im not sure if i can make any of these Upcoming Shows.. i will have to Check and see if i can make them.. but if i had to pick one, it would be the One your going too, lol.. but it would be even Cooler if the Both of us had KAGE Tickets, and we can be in the KAGE!! i bet it would be soo friggin LOUD!.. sometimes i wear this Gel like Earplug, that can fit inside your ear, and that you can buy from the Pharmacy.. but when its KORN, i don't use Anything.. at the Last KORN Show, my Ears were Ringing the whole Next day lol...

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    On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 10:06 PM, xpandora88x said:

    You're jealous of me, and I'm jealous of you for going to Family Values '98 lol! Yeah, Sayreville, NJ is 4 or 5 hours away for you. Damn, all those shows are so far. That sucks! =/ But I hope you go to one of them at least! The furthest I've gone for a concert is 2 or 3 hours away. I went to see Slipknot at the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival Tour in Scranton, PA last summer. Lol, oh I'm NOT missing KoRn, I'm going to that show! Yeah, they'll play more songs off the new album now that its out, which will be awesome! It seems like they're the only band that's going to be there, or am I wrong. Because that's what the site seems like it says, there's no other band names on there besides KoRn. And if it's not just them, then it'll be Love & Death too. That would be cool. Plus, more KoRn songs! =] I know, that's why I want to go! I couldn't go see them last month, so I'm going to the November show before I won't be able to see them for a while. Which show are you planning on going? All 3 of them are about the same time distance, you just got to pick one. When I Youtubed "Thousand Foot Krutch" yesterday, I clicked on one of the videos and the song I was listening to sounded familiar, so who knows if I actually heard them before. But I really like them! I'll definitely check out more of their songs. Thanks! Surprisingly I've never seen Limp Bizkit before, and I loved them as a kid, so it's weird I never saw them lol. I've seen Staind once and I loved them live. I know Soil, I used to listen to them all the time before they got a new singer. I've been dying to see Godsmack again, they're amazing live! Lol, I know exactly what you mean! I've seen so many bands that I can't remember them all. Besides that, it's hard to remember how many times you've seen them too lol. Oh, did you ever figure out how to post your pictures of your tattoos as a link using that site I gave you, tinypic.com? I really want to see Jonathan's HIV tattoo. =] Speaking of tattoo, my oldest sister to going to take me to get my first tattoo today because it's my birthday, and I've been wanting a tattoo since I was 13, so I'm finally getting it! I can't wait to get it!! I'll show it to you when I get the chance. =]

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    On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 9:10 PM, JPrice191 said:

    well now i Hate you, lol, because now iam Jealous!! KORN is coming to 3 places Next Month that are within Driving Distance of me, well sorda'.. they are Playing in Huntington West Virginia which is like 5 hours from me.. then they are Playing in Bethlehem PA which is like 4 hours from me.. and then Sayreville New Jersey, i dunno how far away that is but it is probably at least 4 or 5 hours from me ;((( lol.. but you Definitely have to go to the Show, cause if you don't, i will be even more Mad that you Missed them!! because you know what, at this show, they will be Playing Songs from the PARADIGM SHIFT, which is gonna be Awesome! you will be One of the First People to hear them Live, because after November, KORN is going Overseas and who knows when they'll be back!.. anyway, i can't believe you've never heard of Thousand Foot Krutch!! here, go on Youtube and type: Thousand Foot Krutch, Art of Breaking album.. Listen to these Tracks (1)Absolute (2)Slow Bleed and then you definitely have to Listen to Track# 7 Move.. after that, Listen to their album called "Welcome to the Masquerade".. i would give you Songs off of there but every song is Really Good.. but definitely Listen to Tracks 5 and 6 called "E for Extinction" and "Watching over Me"... and then they just came out with a New Song called "War of Change", i LOVE this song!.. ok enough about that lol.. anyway, i have seen Limp Bizkit 2 times, one at Family Values 98' and then i seen the Significant Other Tour with Kid Rock and Staind!.. and then i've seen Staind 2 more Other times, at the 2004 Rolling Rock Town Fair and then another Show they played with a band called "Soil".. i've also seen the Deftones and Godsmack Play.. but you know what, i've seen soo many i can't name them all lol...

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    On Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 8:50 PM, xpandora88x said:

    You were so into moshing that that was all your mind remembers lol. I was never allowed to go anywhere alone, even with friends (well, that depends where, but especially anywhere far, like the city) unless I was with one of my siblings. So to be 16 and in the city alone, my parents would have had a panic attack lol. I think it was mixture of leaving me alone and on top of that, me being a girl. But I would get lost in the city anyways, so that's another reason lol. Yeah, doesn't it suck when a band doesn't play a song you'd hoped they would play? And I love that song too "No Place to Hide"! The last show I went to of KoRn, they played a little portion of "Somebody, Someone" mixed into another song and I was bumped out because I love that song and wanted to hear the entirety of it! I remember going to one of the Untouchable Tours and they played "Somebody, Someone" and I remember Jonathan and everyone in the venue, including myself, putting our fists in the air and basically rocking them back and forth with the song, I LOVED it! I think I was 12 or 13, and I still remember that to this day. Yes, you're right! Once Wes Borland left, that's when I stopped liking Limp Bizkit for some reason. They just went downhill from there. Yup, they really were the coolest band back in the day. I wonder what happened. I guess they're one of those bands that just faded away after a while. But it's funny, I really loved them a lot as a kid. I bet if I ever go to see Limp Bizkit live, I'll know all the words to their earlier albums lol. Don't you hate that, when tall people block you? It just sucks lol! I use this site called tinypic.com so you could upload the tattoo pictures one at a time and share the links with me. I don't know which Sybreed album my sister has, but it's good lol. Yeah, I love that album "Passenger" by Mnemic! A lot of awesome tracks on there. I've heard of August Burns Red's music before, but I've never heard of Thousand Foot Krutch. But I just checked out Thousand Foot Krutch and I really like them! I think I've heard one of their songs before, because it sounds a little familiar. It's funny because I've always wanted to see In this Moment, but the only reason I was able to is because they were touring with the headlining bands that I was mostly there for lol. Oh wait, I forgot that I saw them at Ozzfest too. I forgot because that was so long ago compared to the more current times I saw them lol. The first time I saw In This Moment was at Ozzfest 2007 when they first came out, then was at the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR Festival Tour 2012 (this was the line-up if you want to check it out - it's a lot of bands) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uproar_Festival#2012_line-up), after that was Revolver Road to the Golden Gods Tour with Stone Sour, In This Moment, and Hell or Highwater of this year back in April. Last time was back in August of this year at the Carnival of Madness Tour with Shinedown, Sevendust, In This Moment, Skillet, and We As Human. It wasn't really planned to see In This Moment at any of those shows, it just happened lol. It's like Trivium, I love them and I've always wanted to see them. I have already seen them 2 or 3 times, but it wasn't intentional lol. In This Moment isn't the only band I've seen a lot, Shinedown too and I got to meet them twice. ...If only I could meet my idols from childhood, which is KoRn lol. They're not as easy to meet. I've already met a couple of bands, why can't KoRn be one of them?!!! I don't know what will happen if I ever got to meet them! Maybe pass out or something lol. YES, I found out a day or 2 ago that KoRn are going to be at the Starland Ballroom next month in Sayreville! I've already told my sisters that I want to go, so I'm making sure we're going lol! I've been there before to see Avenged Sevenfold back in the day, I think it was 2005. When I went, I liked the place because it's small and we were on the side of the stage so we got a great view of the entire show! I live in New Jersey, so Starland Ballroom is close, but not THAT close. Its a little far, but not too bad of a drive. It's almost an hour away from where I live. Are you planning on going, even though you have a longer drive there?

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    On Thu, Oct 24, 2013 at 3:55 PM, JPrice191 said:

    i can barely remember what we were doing in the Family Values pit, it's all just a blur, i actually don't even remember seeing KoRn, lol, i really don't.. all i remember is after the show when i was Limping Home, my cousin was suppose to pick me up, but he didn't, so i was just like 16, alone in the city at 12 at nite, i eventually got this Cab to pull over and paid him to take me home lol.. and i also remember that i was Mad because KoRn didn't play their song "No Place to Hide".. i Loved that Song and wanted them to Play it!! but that is how you know that it was a Really Good Show, is when its all just a Blur afterwards and you can't remember what happened lol.. i used to Love Limp Bizkit too, but i don't know what happened to them, i think as soon as the Guitar Player Wes Boreland left, they became not cool anymore.. Limp Bizkit was like the Coolest Band in the World and they kinda just Faded away somehow ya know.. iam not that Tall either, im only 5'11 and when im in the Pit, there are guys that are like 6'5 an shit, so they block me too lol!! yes you can see my tattoo, i have 3 total, but i don't know how to send pictures on here?? the best Sybreed cd i like is called "Pulse of Awakening" and the best Mnemic cd i like is called "Passenger".. those are really good cds!.. also, here is a band i forgot to tell you, Thousand Foot Krutch, i also Love them too.. there is another Band that i just saw on Youtube who is pretty good, they're called "August Burns Red".. you can Listen to their album on Youtube called "Rescue and Restore" i think you will like it.. i can't believe you saw "In this Moment" three times, that is alot!.. ohh and i almost forgot to tell you.. KORN is Coming to NEW JERSEY next month!! Wednesday Nov. 27th. they are playing at Sayreville, New Jersey, at the Starland Ballroom! i dunno if that's close to you or not?!!

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