my first and will be the last`` SUMMERSONIC FESTIVAL IN JAPAN``

Fri, Aug 19, 2011 at 7:27 AM By: tagurorockz

on august 14,2011 at around 5 o`clock p.m osaka,japan. i just attended my unforgetable moment in my life, seeing live my favorite band is just a great feeling.i`ve been waiting for them to see live for a decade now in the philippines.when i heard that korn got a show in summersonic osaka. i immediately get a ticket 1 month before the show:) i never expected to be in japan i have been here for 2 years 6 month im a carperter trainee i will be back in the phillippines on march thankfull that for my first and will be the last time that i will attend summersonic in japan i saw KORN live my favorite band:)after the show i got fieldy`s guitar pick,i dont know how to play guitar but im very much happy when i got it because it was`nt easy to get one///:) i hope i can see korn again performing live in the philippines...i will wait for you korn:) KORN=ROCKZ

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  1. my first and will be...

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