Edgefest V The Redemption

Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 9:35 AM By: samcro_spectre

( for those of who are reading this this is a old blog just decided to post it cause it was about Korn)

Been in AR mostly all weekend went to the Fairgrounds to see Edgefest V
Had alot of big names Bury Your Dead, Suicide Silence, Static-X, BLS (Black Label Society)Mudvayne and none other than Korn. I was really impressed with the whole concert all the bands was pretty bad ass live. What else is pretty bad Static-X recorded the show for DVD, none disappointed, from Suicide Silence ending with No Pity For a Corward to Korn ending with Another Brick In The Wall. Glad JD busted out the bagpipes was awesome event, had entertainment in between bands, the groups name was Hellzapoppin, but it was some wierd and freaky stuff too a dude called the penguin boy short fellow that has no arms but hands were your arms suppose to be pretty crazy, Mr. O from Austrailia some wierd dude that juggles orbs and and some fine stripper name Betty Bloomers lol and some dude cant think of his real name they call him the tortured man
so it was a pretty eventful night Only thing that suck it was hot as hell the whole day and it didnt help anything being packed like sardines lol, but I dealt with it........ Korn was insane lol, I guess I'm done for now have pics up sooner or later on the blog.

just reminiscing on the show and the memories....... I am determined to see them play live once again

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