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  1. sick to my stumic... these fake smiles are going to kill me.. im such a selfish bastard, can't stop inflicting this pain that i love so much...

  2. FUCK YOU!

    Sun, Aug 12, 2012 at 5:58 AM 3 Comments

    why can't i be good enough?!!! what the fuck makes every one else so much damn better than me? im nvr enough for any one no matter who it is and im so sick of it.. not one damn person can love me and stay with me... im a fucking waist of flesh so god damn replaceable that i don't know why i even fucking bother being here at all... i want to cut the ties, my wrists, my throat. i wanna bleed out...

  3. its like it was mocking me... she had to tell me not to hit it up, but they were every where, on both sides, flashing by, 90 on the dash, just wanted to meet one face to face, a brief encounter that would last the rest of my life.... fuck me for not haveing the guts to do it

  4. pull the life from my lungs

    Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 7:28 PM 0 Comments

    And when its all said and done, and the blood has dried, and the air has all been burned away, i'll be the only one left, for i've been choking on my own ashes for years and no more do i need this world.

  5. i've receved a msg or two about the negativity in my blog. to it i say yeah i get that you dont want to read depresing shit all the time but i really don't care that much. i only write well when im depressed. i post on here when i write well. if the negativity is to much or just bothersome feel free not to read it.

  6. hmm

    Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 10:08 PM 7 Comments

    for some reason the coments on my blog are only comeing to my email for the most part. i apoligise to any one who thinks im not alowing them to be posted, i really don't know the reason

  7. and when people are left in the confidence of those that love them they show their darkest edges.. the evil within becomes all consuming, feeding on the trust placed upon them and they give in. all want, all desire, they take it all, walk strait to the fire.

  8. just fucking do it

    Thu, Aug 2, 2012 at 8:48 PM 0 Comments

    go ahead bight me, do what you do. sink your teeth deep cause i don't care about you. put another line in my face, and one in your vain, when we bring our world down around us it'll be me that is sain!

  9. i swear its all a game of who can hurt me when, in the end when the cards run out, when the dice no longer role, will there be a player left? or will i of worn away like the faces on the cards?

  10. im having trouble with suicidal thoughts again.. as i'm driving at night, the telephone poles flash past and each one looks more apeeling than the last. all i wanna do is hit one as fast as my truck will let me. some times i tern out my lights so i can't see them, so they cant call to me but i eventually have to tern them back on because i know if i wreck my parents can't afford the cost of the...


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