Too Much Time Spent, Reminiscing On The Past.

Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 3:44 PM By: TrashedWithABitterSweetEnding19

"Let's take a step back and look at how the years have progressed . . .
Progression, recession, reflection in depth.
Because we all know in death,
that 'real eyes' define the test.
Rather than sheep and the shepherd continually butting heads.
Or wouldn't you shed your skin?
Your vendetta towards the sin you're systematically in?
Because we're fearful of fear and fear makes us fear.
Outcome and actions, reflections and mirrors,
staring back and mocking those who look upon that alternate universe that prokes curiosity.
Well, I always thought I was open-minded to open skies . . .
Open eyes, to manipulation, white elation,
call for a solution.
Truth and intuition.
A synthetic gap to fill.
Here's a little gullible inspiration . . .
I'm fed up and jacked up on the cup.
Grounded to the illness I've had since I left you.
Sleep walking, rest waltzing,
who's talking and insulting your talk?
You're sulking and sleep talking about romance . . .
and pole-vaulting over excuses.
Actually being under-minding?
I've come up with a conclusion -
I'm not only helpless . . . only meaning the way I live can be selfish.
Won't you tell me when you figure yourself out?
And what's life about?
Solutions occur, long term and short.
Acceptance is vital with hard times and curves . . .
Stuck with a habit that may just cause cancer.
A chance or a cancer that answers enhancers,
enchanters of children and media ranters.
We're all doomed . . .
who's content with their life now anyways?
Security? What's safe about that?
Just the same as prison infringing the rights to use your brain.
If me being me is a crime towards the city,
then my first name is GUILTY.
A word of advice -
the only thing you don't know . . . is EVERYTHING.
Faith and trust and lies we spit,
and promise rings that don't mean a thing.
What a joke!"


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